Web Jargon Explained

Browser – The software that allows you to find, view and manage information on the World Wide Web

Domain Name – the unique name for a web site, typically ending in .com or .co.uk

HTML – Hypertext Mark-up Language, the computer language used in Web Pages

Hyperlinks – Highlighted words or images on a web page that allows you to jump to another page

Internet/Net – The world wide collection of interconnected computer networks

ISP – Internet Service Provider – a company that provides access to the Internet, typically also providing E-mail facilities.

Search Engines – a facility that enables you to find what you are looking for on the We by using key words to search for it.

Surfing – the process of moving around the web.

URL – Universal resource locator, a web address

World Wide Web/Web – the area on the Internet you can access with a browser

Web Site – a collection of Pages in the World Wide Web under a domain name